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"You have a unique body and mind, with a particular history and conditioning. No one can offer you a formula for navigating all situations and all states of mind. Only by listening inwardly in a fresh and open way will you discern at any given time what most serves your healing and freedom." ~ Tara Brach.


Welcome! Therapy can be a powerful tool to help one heal, grow, wonder, dream, unlearn, imagine, reframe, appreciate, savor, wonder, create, listen, discover, and find inner freedom.

Areas of Focus

Counseling, Talk Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Yoga, Buddhist Psychology & Clinical Supervision

Talk therapy can support individuals in gaining tools, clarity, connection and greater self-acceptance, allowing one to experience life with more ease and peace (and perhaps even joy and delight)

I graduated with my MSW in 2003 and received my clinical license in 2009. My post- graduate training has focused on Internal Family Systems (level 1 and level II trained),  Yoga and Buddhist Psychology, trauma informed yoga trainings and my 200 hour yoga teacher training. 


Contact Me

If you feel like we would be a good match, please reach out to arrange a brief phone consultation. You can reach me by phone at 971.808.2280 or via the contact form below. If I am not accepting new clients, I will be happy to refer you to a trusted colleague. Also, please be advised that due to COVID-19, I am seeing clients virtually, via TeleHealth.

Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in-touch very soon.

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