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We can be our own healers, though at some point we may need someone to guide us and be our witness through our healing journey.


I am a Certified IFS therapist, Certified Body Trust ® provider, Mother Hunger ® group facilitator, and yoga instructor located in Portland, Oregon.


I work with people from wherever they are on their inner journey.


Whether you are ready to heal, reframe, unlearn, and find personal peace; or maybe you are curious about deepening your internal experience through the IFS framework; then therapy can be a powerful tool to heal, grow, and discover yourself.

Areas of Focus

Individual psychotherapy | IFS
Mother Hunger group facilitation
Somatic therapy
Clinical supervision


My focus is on deepening insight and awareness into your thoughts, feelings, patterns and physical body symptoms that result in more understanding and compassion for yourself.

I practice from the belief that we are good enough just as we are, though understand that there may be thought patterns, behaviors and symptoms that you may want to change in some way to help you live a fuller, more peaceful life.

Areas of Focus

My Background

My clinical training and studies, personal life experiences, and yoga practice have helped me cultivate a caring and curious presence. Our body remembers and holds our life experiences, and I incorporate somatic- body centered work such as breathing, meditation and physical yoga as you are comfortable with.


My passion is supporting women who struggle with disordered eating, addictive behaviors, trauma, grief, childhood wounds, ambiguous loss, and Mother Hunger. The darkness I have experienced throughout my life has also ignited my hope and belief in everyone’s capacity to survive challenges and ultimately thrive.

  • Master of Social Work

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Certified Level II Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist

  • Mother Hunger ® Group Facilitator

  • Certified Body Trust ® Provider


Yoga & Somatic Healing

Yoga can be a healing practice for the physical body, mind, and spirit. Traumatic experiences live in the body and somatic body-based treatments can be effective in reducing symptoms and increasing feelings of safety, stability, choice, connection, and confidence. 

  • Transcending Sexual Trauma through Yoga, Trauma Informed Teacher Training

  • Yoga Psychology for Mental Health Professionals

  • Street Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga Training

  • Power Yoga Teacher Training Certificate

My Background

Contact Me

If you are interested in scheduling a brief consultation, please reach out to me using the contact form below. It is useful to explain a bit about your situation and why you think we might be a good fit. I will do my best to respond to you within a week. Thank you.

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