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My Approach

My focus is on deepening insight and awareness into your thoughts, feelings, patterns and physical body symptoms that result in more understanding and compassion for yourself. My clinical training and studies, personal life experiences and yoga practice have helped me cultivate a caring and curious presence. Our body remembers and holds our life experiences, and I incorporate somatic- body centered work such as breathing, meditation and physical yoga as you are comfortable with.

I practice from the belief that we are good enough just as we are, though understand that there may be thought patterns, behaviors and symptoms that you may want to change in some way to help you live a fuller, more peaceful life.

I support individuals living through depression, anxiety, a strong inner critic, feelings of shame and guilt, struggles with food and body image, grief, loss, exploring family boundaries, and not feeling good enough. I particularly enjoy working with healthcare professionals, social workers, those in helping professions, athletes and young adults.


My Approach
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